There are many thousands of homebrewers in the world, looking to make the next step and bring their product to the market. As brewers ourselves, we understand that scaling up your production and producing in accordance with all local laws and regulations can be expensive and time-consuming. The same goes for finding your first customers. We’ve been there. Luckily there is a solution: Kettleshare. We’re connecting nanobrewers and homebrewers with established breweries near them, to help homebrewers cheaply, safely and quickly scale up their production with brewers that have been rated by the brewers community.

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The world is rediscovering craft beer, made by real people. It’s getting easier for small craft brewers to find a market for their beers. But…how do you keep up with the increase of demand? How do you efficiently and cheaply scale up, without pouring all your money into a prodcution facility? And how do you get started as an enthusiastic homebrewer to produce your beer in accordance with local rules and regulations? Renting a brewery when you need it is the answer. But finding those takes a lot of time and hassle. We take those hurdles away for you. All you need to do is sign up, and then you browse all breweries that are available to rent or have them produce¬†your beer for you.¬†We find the best breweries for your beers, and help you pick the right date to quickly get your new brew to the market. Learn more about finding your brewbuddy on Kettleshare.

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As a brewer, you know the importance of craftmanship, the right equipment and collaboration. As craft brewers ourselves, we identified an opportunity to bring these elements together more efficiently: by creating the Airbnb for craft brewers! Just like renting out your appartment on Airbnb, you can utilize your kettles whenever you’re not brewing by renting them out to eager homebrewers without their own brewery, or small craft brewers who are over capacity themselves. You are helping out the brewing community, and you can earn on the days you are not brewing your own beers. Learn more about exactly how it works.

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