Kettles sharers: rent out your brewery

Kettleshare works just like services you're familiar with for booking holidays, such as Airbnb.

You list your service or brewery, provide your details about your service and equipment, and we will help you manage your availabilities and set the right prices to increase the bookings for your brewery, equipment or service.

We will help you get bookings for your products or services, all-included in the price.
(Hint: you can get one year TOTALLY FREE if you book between now and March 31, 2017, and apply the coupon code 'brewmania' at checkout. ;-))



List an ad for your brewery
Add availability, features and pricing
We take care of matching and contacting suitable brewers
Lifelong FREE account if you use coupon ‘IFEELBEERY‘ at checkout before May 31, 2017